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Broni Likomanov

Broni Likomanov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he studied art design at Apply Art High School and took his B.A. of animation filmmaking from the National Academy of Theatre and Film art.  Broni currently lives with his wife and children in Studio City, California.  He has been working as an artist in the animation industry for over 20 years for such companies as Disney, Universal, Klasky Csupo, and Loonland.  He has been nominated for an Emmy twice.
His original paintings and sculptures are in private collections in U.S.A, Nederland, Belgium, Hungary, Canada and Bulgaria. Some of his sculptures are also exhibited in Silvana Gallery in Glendale, CA. 
The primary interest in my paintings and sculptures is the human. I intentionally strip my subject from any particular time or place. By removing the background and isolating the subject I explore the raw, universal human emotions with simple gestures, poses, and facial expressions. I’m not interested in telling stories of great importance. The characters in my artwork are “torn” by their emotions (loneliness, fatigue, love, desire, lust, ect…). My goal is to for the viewer to complete the captured moments in time, the scattered pieces and glimpses of emotions, and to unfold their own stories.
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